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Topic: CHESSHERE.COM........
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ketchuploverUnited States flag
has a new owner(s)

ketchuploverUnited States flag
will be featuring a GM in its real-time chess area on Sundays for 3 hours beginning April 8th at 11am USA CENTRAL TIME :-P

equusEngland flag
If QA were to end, which one site would you recommend?

ketchuploverUnited States flag
chess.com doesn't need promotion but it does have pretty much everything a chess player needs. However guests are limited to 12 active games. The following free sites allow unlimited games as far as I can tell. No guarantees of satisfaction implied. chessbymessage.com opengames.com.ar chessfordollars.com chessontheweb.com cowplay.com dragonheelslair.com(not positive on game limits-site features low membership cost and site credits you can buy/win in tourneys) litlegolem.net net-chess.com aka slowchess (turned 19 y/o recently) pocket-monkey.com quantumgambitz.com chessmaniac.com chessconquest.com chessrex.com chessos.com mychess.eu zum.de/psm/schach nothingbutchess.com lichess.org ajaxplay.com

Please confirm game limits at those sites.

chessconquest.com should be upgraded on March 30. Of the other ones I'd choose net-chess.com aka slowchess.com

schemingmind.com offers a 50 game free trial then it's pay to play only.

Hope this helps everyone :-D

ketchuploverUnited States flag
chesshere.com is quite improved :-D

ketchuploverUnited States flag
QA not so much 8-)

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