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Forum: Match Discussions
A place where members can discuss ongoing matches.

NewAuthorTopicRepliesLast PostDate
DocSportello United States flag A match between two grandmasters of chess 2 Bobby_F Croatia flag
Brick Checkmate's Evergreen (Anderssen Vs Dufresne) 8 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
Alucard8 1895. Sobernheim-Langleben If white accepts the Queen sacrifice he is checkmated 9 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
ClivetheBeard Wales flag The Queen Alice Hall of Fame 0 ClivetheBeard Wales flag
DocSportello United States flag Fair play of players like Caronte 0 DocSportello United States flag
RaulSoft Brazil flag Games impossible to finish 2 mascarade Brazil flag
GMMarolideus Brazil flag Bergman + 4000 lose in 11 moves 9 noroc Iceland flag
JeanCarlo1981 AliceSweet is am scammer? 4 amed66 France flag
RaulSoft Brazil flag unable to claim the game because of a repeat draw. 2 noroc Iceland flag
phystutordotcom United States flag Forced resignation criteria 7 sorim Germany flag
ketchuplover United States flag Speaking of Matches... 1 sorim Germany flag
cyclone Philippines flag Tournament AUTO-INT-3189 4 phystutordotcom United States flag
ClivetheBeard Wales flag M's Training Tournament 4 ClivetheBeard Wales flag
Uragano Italy flag NO ENGINE Tourney 0 Uragano Italy flag
chaturanga Brazil flag I Torneio de Brasilia 3 lordvhin Philippines flag
ayrton Spain flag LIGA 2006/2007 5 lordvhin Philippines flag
mArViNh Philippines flag Tournament Cheating 4 TenebrousWit United Kingdom flag
andreavb Brazil flag Academia de Xadrez - Postal I 7 rviana Brazil flag
Brick Checkmate Immortal (Adolf Anderssen Vs Lionel Kieseritzky) 5 Raphael1985 France flag
mestreRJ Brazil flag FLAMENGO_B Y FLAMENGO_BRASIL ARE CHEATER. 19 LUKK22 Martinique flag
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