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Chess is like life, we must think of all the moves of the game and in all situations in life,unless,the unexpected will be succeeded or the unexpected triumph.(Adriano Pena Ribeiro Lemos)

Chaturanga is an ancient Indian board game which is believed to have originated the game of Chess, Shogi and Makruk, and is related Xiang Qi (or Janggi). Probably arose in the sixth century AD, is considered the ancestor of Shatranj, which in turn came to lead the modern chess.

Just as in board games today, the Chaturanga is played with two players, but there is also a version for four players, Chaturaji.

RaethUnited States flag
That is very interesting as Chaturaji may give us clues how to develop a 4 player chess game as well. Can you imagine playing chess with 4 people simultaneously!? :-(O)

KensoueuUnited States flag
The match was played with datum.

KensoueuUnited States flag
Lahur Sessa or Lahur Sissa was the legendary Indian Brahmin who would have created the Chaturanga, the predecessor of Chess.

KensoueuUnited States flag
Chess which is called Art of Caissa has ability(play), imagination (art) and calculation (science). The practice, study and reasoning are factors of progress in the game. (Idel Becker)

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