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Topic: abandonment from this site
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TomRipleyItaly flag
Well, my last game against the trickster Lukk is coming to an end. I will fight the cheater and then I'll go away from this website. It 'a shame because I played many fine games. I met nice people and good players.
But all the times I begged Miguel to take action against the cheaters are still unanswered.
This site seems to have no control. No menagement. Miguel is increasingly absent and does not care much if this site is becoming crumbling and without improvements
Goodbye to all.

GambitsharkIceland flag
I think Miguel want be friend of us all and run peaceful vebside..I missed this as I was off from the server few years..How kind of cheater is the meaning to Lukk?

MrDJRVDNetherlands flag
Lukk plays at least under 3 different names and influences his ratings by playing with himself, most games 1, 2 or 3 moves, sometimes he forgets to make a move at all before one of the Lukks regsigns.
He also influences the outcome of Open Tournaments by entering them with tree names. (LUKK, LUKK22 and Luc_2010)

Apatride is a liar and cheater. Don't play with him.
He doesn't know to play chess and he uses chess engines to play.

Apatride = Eggchaser2 = killer_of_Apatride = killer_of_Apatride2 = killer_of_Apatride3 = dextermorgan_is_a_cheater = dextermorgan2

JusticeseekerBrazil flag
But what can be done against the engine users?

JusticeseekerBrazil flag
And what kind of cheater you're talking about? How can someone cheat on chess?

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