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Topic: Link- Why is the centre of the board considered important in chess
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Raphael1985France flag

DogevalBrazil flag
Veja também "O Centro no Xadrez" ou "La Estructura de Peones Centrales" traduzida para o Português e Espanhol, do original russo:"Centar Vaf Xachmatnoi Partii", de Boris Persitz. Excelente para esse estudo.

lordvhinPhilippines flag
Buenas dias!

For me, the center of the board is not that important. Chess is war of the minds.

Hello lordvhin. The centre of the board is like the top of a mountain... You can see better your enemy... Do you know the Battle of Gettysburg? :-O

MannuBrazil flag
You can see how important is the center when you are teaching someone from the begining. His games becomes really stronger when he learn to worry about the center.

ketchuploverUnited States flag
May we never become bored with the center :-D

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