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Topic: The Queen Alice Hall of Fame
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ClivetheBeardWales flag
Do you have recollections of players who are no longer active on this site, but whose nicknames invoke good memories? Off the top of my head I remember "Gambitshark" and "CampbellMarcel" ! :-)

amed66France flag
I still remember two very pleasant Brazilians: Beco and Gil.
I've never played against Onceupon but his english humor was very amusing.
My favorite opponent was the american Bohinky.
That's in regards to good memories.
There are also some players that invoke bad memories, but... maybe in another post.

norocIceland flag
Bergman :-D

bohinkyUnited States flag
Hello amed! It has been a long time since we played and I had a great time playing you. Thanks so much for the kind words!


amed66France flag
Hi Mike, Those were good times and good games! Have a wonderful years at least until 2050!

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