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Topic: I'd rather chat than play today!
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ClivetheBeardWales flag
There are quite a lot of people on line today; for some reason Thursday seems to be the quiet day most weeks, but I'm not sure I fancy playing any more moves. ;-)

One of the reasons why this thread looks so odd, by the way, is that a large number of posts have been lost, so it often reads like a monologue and not a conversation!

ClivetheBeardWales flag
I assume that although far fewer people play over the board chess than used to before the Web was invented (or so I am reliably informed), Thursday is still a common chess club night. Alternatively, some people may be "girding their loins" for a big effort over the weekend.

Or, as you imply, maybe the thought of one more day of work (Friday) drives people to the pub/bar instead of sitting down in front of their PC. :-)

ClivetheBeardWales flag
In fact, the 'Who is Here' feature still says over 2000 in the last 24 hours (which is normal)and several of my own personal 'slow movers' have popped up today! :-)

ClivetheBeardWales flag
Yes. Lunch was nice thank you. :-)

Coffee now.

Is Minas Gerais in the same time zone as New York?

ClivetheBeardWales flag
Lunch was early today, so maybe some coffee and sugar a bit later on.

Hello all, I'm new to these forums but hope to find interesting, entertaining people here ;)

Coffee indeed :D

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