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Forum: Off Topic
Topics that do not belong in any of the other forums.

NewAuthorTopicRepliesLast PostDate
ketchuplover United States flag caissa.com ... 0 ketchuplover United States flag
Ferdyrosco Chile flag Chess Platforms 0 Ferdyrosco Chile flag
ketchuplover United States flag EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY 1 harvir
Clausimausi Germany flag Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 8 noroc Iceland flag
minuitpile France flag messagerie 2 Jules2006 Portugal flag
ClivetheBeard Wales flag I'd rather chat than play today! 304 ClivetheBeard Wales flag
DragonSlayer342 communication 2 o3bor52
sorim Germany flag Chess program for android 0 sorim Germany flag
equus England flag Bad Gateway 12 noroc Iceland flag
Asspain Canada flag Not a chess player 1 ketchuplover United States flag
equus England flag Chess problem (but not the usual kind) 2 Gojo Canada flag
Clausimausi Germany flag Chess problems 3 Gojo Canada flag
Clausimausi Germany flag Corona-Virus 7 equus England flag
beco Brazil flag Cabra Xadrez (youtube) 1 beco Brazil flag
phystutordotcom United States flag Jokes 141 ketchuplover United States flag
Dogod What correspondance chess sites do you go to? 26 tewald United States flag
kloosterveen Netherlands flag ItzYourTurn 234 ketchuplover United States flag
Clausimausi Germany flag Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2 ketchuplover United States flag
LoveChess Russia flag User " reycas " 1 ketchuplover United States flag
DrHanibalChesster Netherlands flag You Lucky guys and girls boosers 0 DrHanibalChesster Netherlands flag
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