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Topic: draw (king versus king)
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KouvitchFrance flag
I see in home-page one game: http://queenalice.com/game.php?id=995957

Where the position is a clear draw since more than fifty moves... Ok, the fifty-moves rules isn't automaticly apply: one must claim for draw. But combinations with insufficient material to checkmate (king versus king for example) should be claim automaticly.

more explaination could be found here:

Anyway, it's amazing to find some kind of game here... I think it's just for fun...

It doesn't make sense to bloat the checking code for these rare situations. The result is obvious to almost anyone and can be handled by the players. Hopefully those two players are not trying to break the system as they already know that the 50-move rule or insufficient material rule is not automatic here.

richerbyUnited Kingdom flag
I don't think that correctly implementing the rules of chess can ever be called "bloat" on a chess site! Threefold repetition and the fifty-move rule aren't supposed to be automatic, so that part is fine -- they're just situations in which the player has the right to claim a draw, rather than offer one. But insufficient mating material is defined to be a draw by Article 5.2b of the FIDE Laws:

The game is drawn when a position has arisen in which neither player can checkmate the opponent’s king with any series of legal moves. The game is said to end in a ‘dead position’. This immediately ends the game, provided that the move producing the position was legal.

Bizarrely, Article 9.6 says the same thing, apart from a slight change of wording and the omission of the middle sentence. So it's not just an automatic draw -- it's two automatic draws! :-(O)


Well, I respectfully disagree, richerby. If a page can be made to load or refresh twice as fast with the basics, I'd rather these special condition checks not be implemented.

That is odd about the two sections. I'll take a look now.

sorimGermany flag
I like queenalice because of the quick loading of the pages. An automatic draw check could slow down the performance :-(

Hey, you can talk with you chess partner for an agreement, this should work fine in most case :-P

And if not call him 8-)

richerbyUnited Kingdom flag
I assume detection of checkmate etc. is done server-side. Checking whether the material balance is one of the few that cannot lead to checkmate cannot make any significant difference to either page load times or server processing time. It certainly could not double load or refresh times so raising that as an objection is a strawman.


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