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Topic: Engines
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mauricio_smBrazil flag
Detector of engines, please. We can denunciate users suspects of use of engines, and the site investigates... :-/

cardosorafaelBrazil flag
How is it possible for a web site to detect engines? It's only possible through plugins, which is the best feature of QueenAlice: no plugins required! If you suspect for some user, do the best thing you can: never play against him again. It's simple.


MrDJRVDNetherlands flag
It's not that simple Rafael. If you like to compete in the tournaments, you can't choose your opponents. And finding cheeters can be very simple for the administration of chess.sites.

Some chesssites have a Bot anti-cheat system, who analyses games. If too many moves in too many games of a player correspondence with a rating, let's say over 2500 elo, it's obvious the player in question uses machines.
Also, if members suddenly improve a lot, there is reason to investigate by using chessprograms by the server. You might assume that players, who choose at the most moves the option which a computerprogram, rated 2800+, indicates as the best move possible, are cheaters.

On chesshood, for example, before the site broke down because of a time-out bug which the owner can't fix, those cheeters accounts were blocked.

Apatride is a liar and cheater. Don't play with him.
He doesn't know to play chess and he uses chess engines to play.

Apatride = Eggchaser2 = killer_of_Apatride = killer_of_Apatride2 = killer_of_Apatride3 = dextermorgan_is_a_cheater = dextermorgan2

B07109United States flag
Chess engines are diverse. I stumbled upon a player who's username is "iusefritz". Odd that nobody has accused him of using an engine. Suppose he switched engines, could you tell? Now imagine a FIDE 2700+ hijacks iusefritz queenalice account. Would you be able to tell that you were playing a human? Bye the way our top players, human or engine, are not playing at a 2700+ level. At least that is the opinion of my GM friend. My friends rated 1700 uscf restricted to 100 minutes for all moves, not allowed to use chess base or books, not even allowed to enter the move on their Monroi before they play it on the board, play at a higher level than QueenAlice 1900.
Would you play a game here with Magnus, Anand, Topalov, Nakamura, Kamsky or Kramnik? Would you complain if he joined your auto open tournament? Is there no bliss in ignorance? If your chess ignorance prevents you from distinguishing from iusefritz and an human international master why are you happy to play the IM but not the machine?
Of course there a valid replies. I welcome and expect them. What baffles me is the lack of enthusiasm. Suppose you enter every auto open and immediately resign against all players rated below 2500. Soon you'll have 50 games against IM caliber players. Some will be IM's some will be machine. I doubt you'll know which are are human. But you will become a better player. If your ego cant handle losing no problem, click on any player rated over 2500 and replay his games. After a thousand games played or reviewed you will be 100 to 200 points (otb USCf) better. If you want to specialize an an opening either find a set of QueenAlice players to follow who play your opening or buy chess base.

I acknowledge that those who hate engines on QueenAlice have valid arguments. But since they exist we should have many members who are eager to play enhanced opponents. Maybe we do. But I have yet to read a post from someone who thinks his opponent uses a chess engine and he is happy a bout it.

B07109United States flag
Miguel could include a complete ratings history with dates on horizontal axis for every player. Consider Cunha. When he finished his 100th game his rating was about 2240. His highest rating is over 3000! Imagine he can play at that level without using an analysis board, chess books and make 40 moves in 2 hours. Suppose our top players would, on average, have a FIDE rating 400 points below QA. Maybe his rating has slipped a little becuase he busy winning big money in tournaments.
Each player can make his own conclusion what the rating history graph means. I think some players use engines because they want everyone to think they are a great chess player. But if most players looking at their rating history graph conclude that they started using a chess engine x months ago they may not start.

Notice I did not say that Cunha uses a chess engine. I simply observe that his rating improved 750 points. I choose 100 games because it takes a master many games to climb to a master rating here.

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