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Topic: Where is miguel?
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Mighty_ManuCanada flag
He last logged on february this year. What happened?

RetiariusColombia flag
The wacky guys blocking tournaments sent Mike to a nursing home for a long time . The fair play is lost. The bad guys win. Sorry for Queen Alice Internet Chess Club. /:-(

RetiariusColombia flag
I'm playing my last game in This site because the fair play was lost. I don't accept that the Administrator has allowed the proliferation of guys whose sole aim is to block tournaments.
This site was nice I'm sorry to leave it. /:-(

Mighty_ManuCanada flag
Is MIguel alive? Where is he? I stopped playing here long ago because there is no maintenance anymore, the site is full of bugs

ClivetheBeardWales flag
He is only interested in programming these days. I plan to leave eventually, but I would like to keep up my record of never defaulting a game, so I will hang around until various tournaments are finished.

jujujuFrance flag
il est dans votre cul %-)

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