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Questions and answers about the use of this site. Bugs should also be posted in this forum.

NewAuthorTopicRepliesLast PostDate
kookaburra Australia flag "My Messages" Alert 1 ketchuplover United States flag
Alsina Andorra flag Torneo Alsina2 1 noroc Iceland flag
Mighty_Manu Canada flag Where is miguel? 52 beco Brazil flag
goldenboy Brazil flag Não consigo reivindicar um jogo 1 manasses Brazil flag
Sacapiece Netherlands flag just kings, no draw? 21 ketchuplover United States flag
NetoJA Brazil flag Torneio Parado por duas partidas que caiu o tempo e ninguem reivindicou 0 NetoJA Brazil flag
fred57 Cannot claim draw after position repeated three times 2 sorim Germany flag
JonathanSouza Brazil flag Como excluir conta? 3 Agathah_Grunevalt Brazil flag
LoveChess Russia flag Queen Alice is in trouble. Checkmate is not possible in games. 20 ketchuplover United States flag
phystutordotcom United States flag How do I create a private tournament 2 sorim Germany flag
RaulSoft Brazil flag error in finishing the game (Xeque Mate) 6 Astralis Brazil flag
sorim Germany flag This site is still alive? 3 ketchuplover United States flag
phystutordotcom United States flag Wrong number of in progress games. 1 sorim Germany flag
Perseids_Java United Kingdom flag cannot checkmate 4 sorim Germany flag
Lintz Brazil flag ENCERRAR A CONTA 0 Lintz Brazil flag
vindaloo Wales flag Cannot claim game. 2 ketchuplover United States flag
ketchuplover United States flag UNTIL TECH SUPPORT... 0 ketchuplover United States flag
rumplestiltskin United States flag Game auto adv 3660 0 rumplestiltskin United States flag
Dje_37 France flag Créer un tournoi privé / Private tounament 0 Dje_37 France flag
ulisses67 Brazil flag ---- Perda de Pontos ----- 3 frankcasadio Brazil flag
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