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Questions and answers about the use of this site. Bugs should also be posted in this forum.

NewAuthorTopicRepliesLast PostDate
Sacapiece Netherlands flag just kings, no draw? 21 ketchuplover United States flag
NetoJA Brazil flag Torneio Parado por duas partidas que caiu o tempo e ninguem reivindicou 0 NetoJA Brazil flag
goldenboy Brazil flag Não consigo reivindicar um jogo 0 goldenboy Brazil flag
fred57 Cannot claim draw after position repeated three times 2 sorim Germany flag
JonathanSouza Brazil flag Como excluir conta? 3 Agathah_Grunevalt Brazil flag
LoveChess Russia flag Queen Alice is in trouble. Checkmate is not possible in games. 20 ketchuplover United States flag
phystutordotcom United States flag How do I create a private tournament 2 sorim Germany flag
RaulSoft Brazil flag error in finishing the game (Xeque Mate) 6 Astralis Brazil flag
sorim Germany flag This site is still alive? 3 ketchuplover United States flag
phystutordotcom United States flag Wrong number of in progress games. 1 sorim Germany flag
Perseids_Java United Kingdom flag cannot checkmate 4 sorim Germany flag
Lintz Brazil flag ENCERRAR A CONTA 0 Lintz Brazil flag
vindaloo Wales flag Cannot claim game. 2 ketchuplover United States flag
ketchuplover United States flag UNTIL TECH SUPPORT... 0 ketchuplover United States flag
rumplestiltskin United States flag Game auto adv 3660 0 rumplestiltskin United States flag
Dje_37 France flag Créer un tournoi privé / Private tounament 0 Dje_37 France flag
ulisses67 Brazil flag ---- Perda de Pontos ----- 3 frankcasadio Brazil flag
kingdave United States flag Site down 15 frankcasadio Brazil flag
TonyMo United Kingdom flag Password leaked from QueenAlice 1 frankcasadio Brazil flag
LoveChess Russia flag User " reycas " 1 frankcasadio Brazil flag
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