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Questions and answers about the use of this site. Bugs should also be posted in this forum.

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ketchuplover United States flag OPEN GAMES 0 ketchuplover United States flag
hippopotamus Poland flag "Sexy Bunny" 0 hippopotamus Poland flag
RaulSoft2 Brazil flag Punctuation 4 Kotov78
Arnoldus Netherlands flag Rating issue 1 ClivetheBeard Wales flag
oldprofessor United States flag Promotion 2 oldprofessor United States flag
marcomasa Brazil flag Help to continue playing as marcomasao 1 sorim Germany flag
TammieM3ENF England flag Report a member 3 TammieM3ENF England flag
Arnoldus Netherlands flag When does an automated tournament start? 2 Arnoldus Netherlands flag
driver2022 Two Kings only on the board 2 ClivetheBeard Wales flag
JonathanSouza Brazil flag Como excluir conta? 4 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
Brick Time exhausted/Tempo esgotado 49 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
Lineu United States flag "Players Dodgers" 38 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
e2cp Email address for Miquel at QAc 3 Rafaelchess Brazil flag
DenianCXI Brazil flag HOUDINI SEXXY_BUNNY !!! http://queenalice.com/player.php?id=86921 4 Sexxy_Bunny United States flag
ClogViking Norway flag Check for engine use 2 Rasumichin Germany flag
freeman4 Colombia flag Points When Win and Points When lost 4 Rasumichin Germany flag
freeman4 Colombia flag Tablas después de N jugadas sin dar jaque. 1 harvir
Lintz Brazil flag Desistência Indevida 8 serrameira Brazil flag
marcomasa Brazil flag Recuperar jogador marcomasao de volta. Continue playing as marcomasao 7 ketchuplover United States flag
TammieM3ENF England flag Archiving games 4 TammieM3ENF England flag
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