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Topic: Administrator
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rumplestiltskinUnited States flag
AM I correct that is no one to contact to fix problems on this Site? If so how is it Maintained! Guess I'm becoming disillusioned with this site! Anyone else feeling the same?

kingdaveUnited States flag
The administrator is "Miguel." The site seems to be mainly on autopilot, but I recall that when there was a serious problem a few months ago he did come in and fix it. There are lots of minor problems (e.g. I have recently stopped receiving email notifications for all of my games except one), as well as potential improvements, but I think I will stay here to the bitter end just because it is comfortable and this is where my history is.

mArViNhPhilippines flag
What happened to Miguel?

lordvhinPhilippines flag
i think Miguel is old man now ..........

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