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Topic: Conditional moving
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NiasEngland flag
What was this removed I am sure we used to have CM as a great add on

ketchuploverUnited States flag
I don't recall CM ever being here.

NiasEngland flag
Ok it was Gameknot and it is such a great option, could Queen Alice offer it?

ketchuploverUnited States flag
Hopefully the site Gods will hear your plea :-D

TenebrousWitUnited Kingdom flag
I brought this up years ago and nothing came of it. Pretty much every good chess site has this feature and I think it would be a really useful addition. It really does speed up games if you have a forced sequence it can't be that hard to implement, like I said, most sites have it.

vasyl_puzanovUkraine flag
I agree! Conditional moves are very neeeded! 8-)

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