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Topic: error in finishing the game (Xeque Mate)
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RaulSoftBrazil flag
in the tournament "Game: AUTO-ELITE-2111 - Round 1" is my turn to play and should be check mate, but it gives the error in the play.
How do I correct this?

RaulSoftBrazil flag

LINK: https://www.queenalice.com//game.php?id=1568078

RaulSoftBrazil flag
Could not make move. Please try again.

AstralisBrazil flag
Tenta fazer a jogada em outro navegador.

RaulSoftBrazil flag
olá obrigado, uso o firefox, tentei no Google chrome e no edge, deram o mesmo problema, agora eu fiz outra jogada que em dois ou tres lances darei um mate, vamos ver funciona

RaulSoftBrazil flag
agora aconteceu de novo e já tentei em outro computador e dá o mesmo problema
"Could not make move. Please try again."
seria xequemate.

now it happened again and I already tried it on another computer and it gives the same problem "Could not make move. Please try again."
would be checkmate.

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