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Topic: About a team of adjudicators
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HTHNew Zealand flag
What is needed is a team of adjudicators for games being unnecessarily dragged on and on and on and on.
You only have to look at some of the positions shown where you log into Queen Alice. It is if some doesn't know or wants to understand you can actually resign a game.
For myself, I have a game going with some individual who thinks he might get somewhere even though he is down two pieces (A Queen and bishop) and two pawns.

equusEngland flag
I call this type of player a "blunderer" because they are hoping you will make an almighty cock-up and give them the game.

HTHNew Zealand flag
I know what I would like to call such a player but I might get told off by the powers in charge if i did

ketchuploverUnited States flag
powers in charge? this site is a Ghost Ship

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