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Topic: Chess problem (but not the usual kind)
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equusEngland flag
In the final of a tournament there are three players, let's call them A, B and C. For some reason player B resigns both games against player A, one game after one move and the other after ten moves. Thus making it difficult for C to do well. In my opinion there are only three reasons for B's behaviour; 1. He has an unusual sense of humour, 2. He is in collusion with player A, or 3. He and player A are the same player. If it helps you to decide here is another example. Three players in a final, I'll call them B, D and E. For some reason player B resigns both games against player D, both without making a single move, thus making it difficult for player E. Again we have the same three possible reasons why. If it helps you make up your mind, in both examples player B is the same person.

kingdaveUnited States flag
I actually did have this exact situation (in the role of player C). See round 2 of this tournament: https://queenalice.com/tournament.php?id=6630
The bios of A and B would indicate two members of the same household, but obviously it all could have been fake. As for your second scenario, I'm not sure what it adds, other than that player B pulls this stunt a lot.

GojoCanada flag

equus, we play in the same tournament, auto-adv-4326, and there may be the same situation.

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