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Topic: Help to continue playing as marcomasao
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marcomasaBrazil flag
I am a user of queenalice.com for a long time. I have the username of marcomasao. However, lately I cannot log in, I type my username (marcomasao) correctly and my password rightly also. Still I can´t find a way to login and play as marcomasao. I hope that you help me.Please help me, so I enjoy very much playing at queenalice.com.
It took a long time to have more victories than loses as marcomasao.
My problem is even more complicated because the e-mail that I had associated to the username of marcomasao
I no longer have it. For a very long time (seriously long time) the old e-mail had never been a problem. And I think it is very unfair, to myself and others with the same problem as mine, because I should have been told that I would have to change the e-mail. But no, the "owners" of this site let me play for many years (as marcomasao) and, on the 4th january of 2002, I could no longer log in as marcomasao. Before "excluding" many people out of this site, the ones in charge of queenalice should have told them to change their old e-mails.
I CONTINUE HOPING TO GET my marcomasao back. Someone help me. Ta.

sorimGermany flag
It looks you have solved your problem:
Last logged in Dec 29 2023 05:58 AM

How did you solve the problem?

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